April 2016

So it was that after three lovely weeks back in New Zealand visiting family (hi guys!) I flew IMG_20160424_172132back to Melbourne Thursday night, interviewed for a job I ultimately didn’t get Friday, and packed up to Fly to Bali Saturday. Although I knew it would be lovely once I got there getting on yet another plane was the last thing I wanted to do. But with my new ninja packing skills I threw a few items in to a bag and we all jumped in to a cab 13100892_10154137836793684_4053710549970554558_nbound for the airport. The flight itself was pretty uneventful but longer than I anticipated most likely because I didn’t want to be on a plane, but we eventually found ourselves bundled out in to the oppressive tropical heat for a long and painful wait for our luggage. As we arrived to our accommodation our driver asked if
we wanted 
some food and an order was put in for some Nasi Goreng. Tired and ready for bed we walked in to our accommodation and all of our jaws dropped open. I knew we were staying somewhere fancy, but this was the fanciest place I had ever stayed.

We had our own private villa circling a pool, laid out next to a sunk13076838_10154137838163684_197303588788776599_nen lounge, an open kitchen, dining room and my bedroom overlooked the pool below.

I was not backpacking anymore.

We popped the the duty free champagne, devoured some Nasi Goreng and forgot all about going to bed early.

The following morning we woke up to breakfast being cooked for us in our villa; fresh fruit, more

Nasi Goreng, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit juice and coffee. I was in heaven. Afterwards we decided to have some celebratory breakfast champers, and the day pretty much continued the same from there; the staff returned to cook us lunch as the day got progressively more languid.13103473_10154137838218684_5941074731187349836_n After lounging by the pool all day we nine tumbled in to
multiple cabs for a dinner at a restaurant best known for having free roaming rabbits and as we found out very average food.

The days progressed much the same after this interspersed with some reading, occasional adventures out, and lots of swimming followed by delicIMG_20160427_112924ious food.

We had all come to Bali for Hilary’s 30th birthday and to celebrate we went out for one of the best dinners I have ever had at Bambu restaurant in SIMG_20160427_113124eminyak.


On the second to last day myself and two friends hired a driver to take us up to the mountain town of Ubud. Having spent the last several months cramming in to chicken buses, jumping on the back of strangers ute’s, and walking to my destinations I felt very opulent indeed. Our first stop was the monkey forrest, a temple set in the jungle of Ubud. Although there are very specific signs about what and what not to do we still saw many idiotic tourists tempting fate and a monkey bite all around. Afterwards we set out to Ubud market to get a few local bargains before searching wide and far to find IMG_20160427_153408some food that was not raw. We found a delicious meal down one of the winding back streets of vegetable coconut curry; afterwards we stopped off at the rice fields for a cold Bintang taking in the gorgeous view.

On our final day we decided to finally make it down to the beach for sunIMG_20160428_172600set, a five minute walk from our villa. We had been down to the beach once before and had to walk
past the filthy estuary leading in to the Canggu beach, despite my protestations we decided to walk through this same e
stuary to get to the bar across the way. As we successfully made it through the estuary we picked our way to the beach as I noticed such delightful beach detritus as broken bottles, trash anIMG_20160428_181833d used needles. Gross.
Once in the bar we sat down for a drink and watched the sun set over the beach, the twilight masking the trash and dirty shore.

Bali was everything I thought it would be. There was cheap delicious food and lovely people; but there was also no footpaths, crazy motorcyclists and rubbish everywhere. People had told me Bali was lovely if you have the money to spend and terrible if you were a backpacker and I definitely agree with that. I am glad I got to enjoy it in luxurious circumstances, champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.


2 thoughts on “Bali

  1. Awesome update Joss, very sad about the rubbish everywhere, what are we doing to our planet? 😦

    Great you were able to enjoy some luxury, nothing like a special treat

    Sorry to hear you missed out on that job and I’m sure something else will be just around the corner. I will read your other blog now

    Take care and love from your Aunty Moi


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