August 2015

After Taipei I was on a Taiwan high and having done some city living I was ready for some beach time, but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. A typhoon that had been circling close to Taiwan finally hit but mercifully only the tail end, the day I arrived rained all day and so did the following day. With the weather being so inclement all that I could do was stay inside, watch movies, read my book and catch up on emails. OH and visit the local dog cafe of course! I didn’t know about the dog cafe but IIMG_20150821_203051 met some lovely girls from Borneo (I lamented with them on how I was supposed to go there before Taiwan) and we set off on a couple of scooters, myself the passenger on the back of one of my new friends. After a rather harrowing scooter ride where feet were attempted to IMG_20150821_204552be used instead of brakes we arrived at the dog cafe where we got to pat Bagel and Toro.

Afterwards we scootered down for a dinner to a steam boat restaurant, steam boat is basically a Taiwanese version of Shabu Shabu.

On the third day the rain finally dissipated and I decided to go for a hike in the Kenting national park. Although not entirely easy to get to I was rewarded with a beautiful forest covered in IMG_20150823_124248butterflies, a couple of monkeys, and apparently forest crabs! which I didn’t even know existed. Hiking in the tropics is quite hard work, but I have already used my hiking boots more than I thought I would! Waterproof boots for the win!

Later that evening I ate at the Kenting night market and nommed on some delicious battered squid FB_IMG_1440422726676that largely resembled a facehugger from the movie aliens.

Today being my last day the weather finally cleared up but unfortunately the beaches were still closed due to rough sea. The waves looked about as rough as New Zealand waves but I didn’t want to tempt fate. Instead I sat on the beach drinking bubble cup gazing forlornly at the water. For lunch I visited the local wharf for fresh seafood, I ordered squid and I got sea slug. It wasn’t bad, albeit a bit too rubbery for my tastes.

I am leaving for Hualien in the morning and very ready to go. I feel ambivalent towards Kenting, the weather has definitely played a part in that but I also think I imagined  something closer to Thailand and it didn’t live up to my expectations. Although I am sad I didn’t get to go for a swim its maybe for the best, I did find out today that there is a nuclear plant right next to the most popular beach :/

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