Uppsala + Stockholm – August 2012

After London I flew to Sweden to visit my dad and family lived who lived in a town called Uppsala about an hour out of Stockholm. My dad picked me up from the Stockholm airport just as the sun was about to set at midnight, and we drove back to his cute little house in the countryside. I went to sleep just as the sun came up around 3am.
Next morning I was woken up by my little sister knocking on the door, I hadn’t seen her in a few years and she had grown up in to a little cutie pie. We jumped up and went out for a drive amongst the Swedish countryside which looks like all the picture books of Europe I had seen growing up, very quaint and absolutely gorgeous.223842_10151191317098523_346081741_n

I spent a lovely few days wandering around Uppsala and visiting a small seaside village with my family.

My dad and I caught the train up to Stockholm for the night; Stockholm was an absolutely gorgeous city that looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale with cobbled streets and ancient buildings. Dad and I wandered around the streets for hours, stopping for coffee and beers and me occasionally dragging him shopping.

10488_10151191317253523_1591310505_nIn return for me dragging him to shops dad dragged me to the Vasa museum about a local ship that sunk on its maiden voyage. I am sure if you are interested in maritime history it would be interesting but I found it tortuously dull (sorry dad, love you!).

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