Seattle – January 2010

My welcome to Seattle was steel skies followed by a customary thunderstorm and thus heralding my arrival soaking wet to my HI Seattle hostel.

My interest in Seattle spawned from the Pike_Place_Market_Entrance.0.0grunge movement but once I arrived I found a completely changed city, some of that edge were still there if you scratch the surface but I found Seattle to mostly be a pleasant albeit at times bland city.

Being a giant coffee nut (or bean as it were) I wanted to see where the second wave of coffee originated (yes I know way too much about coffee). Although coffee in America is predominantly filter coffee in the larger cities the small specialty coffee places
were really starting to pop up and grow, I was in Seattle in 2009 and I would say it was probably around the start of the third wave of coffee. Needless to say I love coffee, so I went to Pike Place where the first Starbucks originated (yes they aren’t the best but they initiated the second wave) which was tiny! I went to the human bodies exhibition which imgresafter a quick google search looks like it has been banned from returning to Seattle. I have a morbid curiosity in medical museums and tend to go to anything related to them anywhere I visit, although I am conflicted after reading the linked article about the ethics of such an exhibition I did thoroughly enjoy the exhibition. It displayed human cadavers, organs, the nervous system and even fetuses. It is certainly not for everyone but it was for me. I went to the EMP musuem of music, sci fi, and popular culture which was incredible. Being the massive nerd that I am I thoroughly enjoyed the sci fi museum which had items from

emp-guitar-sculpturesci-fi movies including alien, with the music section tracing Seattle’s influence on musical history specifically grunge.

After visiting some great vintage markets, drinking some incredible coffee and getting another tattoo on my birthday (a coffee cup and cinema reel duh) I moved on to Portland via a day spent in Olympia.

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