San antonio and a brief supernatural interlude

San antonio – December 2009

I ended up spending one miserable day in San Antonio as my train to Austin went via the town. I don’t know if it was because I was sick, I stayed in the creepiest hostel I have ever stayed in, or the food was foul but I hated San Antonio.
From what I can tell the Alamo that is the only thing worth stopping for, but believe me it isn’t worth stopping for. The only reason San Antonio is worth mentioning is that I had a bullis-house-innslight ghost experience there. I stayed at Bullis House Inn which apparently after a brief Google search is known as a haunted hotel, and I have watched enough horror movies to know that any time you stay at an “Inn” you are going to have a bad time.

I arrived to my hostel at eight am after spending the time between arriving at  two am to arriving at the inn at a Denny’s (one place that is almost always 24 hours in any city) and the hosts were lovely enough to show me to my room immediately. They advised that as there was only one other guest I had been upgraded to a room in the house instead of the hostel area. To get to the room you had to climb three flights of spiral stairs and then you come to an attic that had multiple rooms coming off it, which to be honest looked like a horror movie set (but I do watch a lot of horror movies).
Trying to brush the eeriness aside I dropped my stuff and went out to San Antonio. When I returned later that day I decided to go to bed early as I had an six am train to catch the next morning. It took me a while to get to sleep, something about the room made me feel quite uncomfortable but I eventually fell asleep. Hours later, in the dead of night I woke up to a man laughing loudly (my room mate was a lady) that legitimately sounded like cartoon


evil laughing like muwahahahahahahaha. I couldn’t see anything and being a weeny I hid under my blanked until I got up at six am.
I showered as quickly as possible WITH THE DOOR OPEN because I thought something/someone was going to murder me in the shower, and ran out the front door with my sleeping bag trailing behind me as I tried to pack it mid flight down the stairs. To add to the horror when I got outside the house was covered in mist, but fortunately only my taxi emerged from the mist and I got the hell out of there.

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