Portland + Olympia – January 2009

I visited Olympia en route to Portland due to it’s importance in both the grunge and Riot Grrl scene. It was a pretty cute little town that was home to a plethora of left leaning liberals, however from the few locals I spoke to some were none too pleased to be associated with the movement. I visited some record shops and vintage stores and was on my way.

Portlandia is so hilarious because it’s spot on. Food trucks, microbreweries, vintage shops, hipsters galore but all in a very genuine way. After initially staying at the hostel international hawthorn, I finally plucked up the courage to couch surf in Portland and was lucky enough to stay with a lovely local lady who went out of her way to make sure I had a great time.106293-031

I loved Portland for it’s pirate tavern, midnight viewings of Rocky Horror Picture Show, browsing books at Powell’s book store, getting my second taste of food trucks before the influx hit Melbourne and a gorgeous forest walk in the Oregon wilderness.  I went on an art walk around the city with a group from the hostel, which evidently the bottom of wine glasses was what was the most prominent feature of the evening. Hello hangover!

Tragically I found out about voodoo doughnuts after I left Portland, I have since however learned you can get married there so I can kill two birds with one stone.

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