Nashville – December 2009

After reading a few different travel books about folks who have travelled the US by greyhound bus I think I sort of glamorised it in my mind – they aren’t glamorous, thedowntown-nashvilley are barely functional. So after spending a few rough hours on a greyhound I arrived at my hostel on a rainy Nashville night. Luckily a bunch of other travelers were about to head down town, so I jumped on their bandwagon.  We headed to a karaoke bar where I
subjected my new friends to my screeching version of Cher’s if I could turn back time, surprisingly these people still wanted to hang out with me after this so we headed to a local bar and devoured some deep fried pickles.

nashville-gac-shopping-katyk.rend.tccom.616.462The next morning I was lucky enough to be invited to a Nashville breakfast, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this place but it was a southern style mansion serving a traditional southern breakfast including unlimited pancakes, waffles, deep fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, biscuits and coffee. I really wish I could remember the name (I have googled multiple times to no avail, if you know the name please enlighten me!). After this Country-Music-Hall-of-Fame-Costumes-Nashville-TN-2012-09-21_1200x797amazing start to my day I hit the country music hall of fame, then on to Katy K’s ranch dressing to buy some amazing vintage western wear.

That evening I reluctantly returned on the greyhound back to Memphis and spent a rather dodgy evening in a Denny’s waiting for the train station to open.

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