London – August 2012

Everyone told me I would hate London. It’s the worst, very expensive, the weather is terrible, and the people are rude. My expectations were pretty low but I was pleasantly imagessurprised to find that I did in fact love London.

I booked a room at the St Pauls YHA next to the beautiful St Pauls cathedral, that I did not realise until afterwards had bells that ring out all night, but bells aside it was a really cute hostel in a great location. I arrived in the imgresafternoon after being in transit for almost 24 hours, and was a zombie. I dropped my bags and met up with a friend who took me to a local pub where I devoured a beef and stilton pie, it was a Saturday night so were planning on going out, but unfortunately jet lag got the better of me so I shuffled back to my hostel for an early night.

I rose early and went to brick lane for breakfast, and as in a lot of places (the best places) in the world all the cafe’s were run by Aussie’s or New Zealanders. After a delicious breakfast I met my friends for a wander around the brick lane market, which tragically I found out also had a plethora of delicious food. I nommed on a bit of everyone’s food and

They can’t see you if you stand still

was instantly regretful that I was full from breakfast, alas!

Over the next couple of days I stuffed myself full of delicious food, went to high tea, visited the museum of natural history, the victoria and albert museum, and the british museum.

After everyone telling me how expensive London was I had been pleasantly suprised how 981622_470102696400553_2049582283_o
easy it was to visit on a budget, with one of the best things about London is that all the museums were free entry.  London was one of the most amazing cities to walk around and I can’t wait to go back.

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