British columbia – Canada

Christmas 2009

Did I mention how green I was at travelling when planning this trip? I had a friend who I had met in NZ who lived in far northern British Columbia in Canada who I thought that I might spend Christmas with. America is next to Canada, Canada isn’t that big right? I Slow-Travel-Fernie-British-Columbia-snowdecided it would be a good idea to get a plane from Austin to Vancouver on Christmas eve, and then from Vancouver an 18 hour bus ride up to my friends house in far northern BC. I arrived at around three am to car deep snow, and there was my friend Nicole rugged up at the bus stop ready to collect me, on foot to her very lovely little house. After 48 hours of continuous travel I was ready for a shower and bed.

I woke up to a white snow Christmas morning before heading to Nicole’s friends house who had generously invited us to their Christmas. I stuffed myself with Turkey and tim-hortonscranberry sauce (I acquiesced to eating meat for Christmas) and other delicious treats at a traditional North American Christmas dinner, after dinner we piled into a car and drove around the neighborhood looking at all the decorations and live deer wandering amongst the decorations seemingly unaware of being living decorations.

I spent an amazing week with Nicole on her family’s farm, driving around in her van trying to spot moose, and got recognised at local diners through virtue of being the only tourists in the area.

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