Berlin – September 2012

10469_10151191317823523_1786260997_nLike London, Berlin is one of those amazing cities where you can walk around and there is history on every corner. I know it’s super cheesy but I took a tourist bus around the city that described the history of each place that we were passing through. Berlin is such an amazing city architecturally with the imposing division of East and West Berlin, you can move through each section and notice the clear delineation.

My favourite thing in Berlin was making the journey to teufelsberg which is an abandoned spy tower from the cold war built in the middle of a huge forest, it looks like a set out of an apocalypse film. You have to train out and then 394397_10151154996658523_652179123_ncycle through a forest with no directions stumbling along until you find it, the view was worth it.

I also went on an underground bunker tour through a bunker used for shelter during air raid, the tour was very interesting but also incredibly depressing.

Our accommodation came with bikes and we cycled around the beautiful tree lined streets discovering cute bars and restaurants.

Of course you don’t come to Berlin and not party, we tried to get in to the notorious Berghain twice and failed, so ended up at Suicide Circus a few times and stumbled across clubdervisionaere, an abandoned warehouse on the river that had been turned into a multi level club.

394273_10151191324938523_784203393_nBerlin was amazing and exhausting and I can’t wait to go back again.

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