New York, New York

106293-030December 2009

New York, New York Indeed.

Outside of my move to Australia this was to be my first trip overseas, the first by myself, and the first stop on my two month adventure across the states. A lot of firsts.

New York feels so familiar that at times it feels like a returning. I felt like I had already wandered through every borough so many times from all the films and televisions I have seen set there.Like all quasi hipsters I gravitated towards Brooklyn and spent hours wandering around Williamsburg, finding dive bars to drink huge Styrofoam cups of beer for a dollar, or working through the gems at Brooklyn flea. New York is made for people watching, I loved to grab a cup of coffee (filter obviously) and a snack and just sit there creeping.106293-033

One of my favourites memories from New York was visiting the Rockefeller centre. I got a tip to go to the top of the rockefeller centre instead of going to the top of the empire state building which was amazing. The rockefeller itself is a really beautiful art deco behemoth and you get to walk through and admire the building before taking the elevator up. Once up top it offers an incredible un-obscured view of central park, the chrysler building, and the the city skyline. Afterwards I ate a giant pretzel, enough said.

106293-032I also caught the ferry to staten island which was really fun and a free way of seeing the statue of liberty.

I absolutely adored the museum of natural history, not least because of exotic stuffed animals, followed by a walking through central park for hours. The Beatles had an affinity with NY and there are a few monuments to them in the park, including one dedicated to John Lennon near the gorgeous Dakota Building where he lived AND Rosemary’s baby was filmed.

In New York I Began what has become my love affair for American black filter coffee. I am a true devotee.

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